DJ Whoo Kid has built a marketing empire; one that grows with every passing week. He has already ruled the mixtape game for several years, dropping classic after classic with honorable mentions too many to name. He has taken over Saturdays at Sirius’ Shade 45 Channel with no less than ten hours of the most star-studded and hysterically unpredictable radio in years and brought more of the same to Monday nights with his new slot on NYC’s Hot 97. He’s built a name worldwide as a touring DJ with his Sada Pop tours; spinning before key political leaders and royalty. He’s launched a watch line with jewelry company Avianne, and a magazine which hits the streets this summer, and he has even found time to amass a collective of 100+ DJ’s worldwide which he calls the Shadyville DJ Coalition bringing new and exclusive music to ears the world over. All this whilst putting in four years as the official DJ to G-Unit, a job that takes him on tours with them all over the world.

By now, most everyone in music is familiar with Whoo Kid’s story. He came from the humblest of beginnings, a Haitian kid growing up in Queens, NY. But he had something that would help put his name on the lips of everyone in Urban music. That something was his ear. Whoo Kid can spot talent and it is that ear that pushed him first into the mixtape world, and eventually into the national spotlight as the artists he featured on his mixtapes – 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Chamillionaire, Lloyd Banks, The Game and more – went on to get major label deals and/or go Platinum, some many times over. DJ Whoo Kid can be said to be largely responsible for an appreciable amount of current rap king 50 Cent’s level of success by spotlighting him on mixtapes when most DJ’s wouldn’t give him the time of day. Something 50 rewarded him for by making him an official member of the G-Unit team.

Not one to let an opportunity pass him by, Whoo Kid ran with that chance and used the access afforded him by launching his own now very successful brands; Shadyville, the name for his management and marketing company which handles the career and booking of several artists and producer Red Spyda (produced for 50 Cent, Eminem, 2Pac, Biggie, Trick Daddy, Young Buck, Jadakiss) as well as the DJ Coalition, Sada Pop the name under which he releases his DVD’s as well as the name of his worldwide tours, POW; under which he monikers his monthly parties - the first of which was hosted by Carmen Elektra, his new Monday night slot on Hot 97 (POW! Radio), his upcoming magazine (POW Magazine) - the first issue of which will be “Hip Hop vs. Hollywood” with the cover being graced by Mobb Deep and Steve-O and POW Films which produced 50 Cent’s “The Massacre” DVD (800,000 sold), “Rewind” DVD (172,000 sold) and Mobb Deep’s “Infamous” video. He has also taken the G-Unit name to new levels with his G-Unit Radio Show on Sirius, the “G-Unit Radio” mixtape series and the G-Unit street team, who are carefully planted in every major market nationwide.

Whoo Kid has also become a regular feature on MTV, both on the website’s Mixtape Mondays feature on which he is regularly applauded for his tapes and more recently on the channels Direct Effect show with LALA, where they have given him the chance to co-host, along with the artist he is featuring on his current mixtape. The segment features live interviews and freestyle performances by the featured artist and so far, Whoo Kid has brought Mase, Mobb Deep and the legendary E40 to the set.

If asked what some of his career highlights have been, Whoo Kid would have a hard time naming just one event. After all, he has deejayed Madison Square Garden with 50 Cent and Eminem, performed before not only Nelson Mandela in South Africa, but Prince Albert in Monaco, Sheikh Abdullah bin Hammad Alkhalifa in Bahrain, Omar Kadafi in Venice and Jackie Chan Jr. in Hong Kong to name a few. He has performed solo in front of over 25,000 people for MTV Spain with the Blackeyed Peas and DJ Jazzy Jeff – his favorite DJ - and hung out with everyone from Paris Hilton, who will host his next POW party, and Donald Trump, to anyone who’s anyone in the world of Urban entertainment at his G-Unit Radio show.

What’s next for our intrepid hero you might ask? Taking a page from his idol Russell Simmons’ life story, Whoo Kid will just shrug and smile. “I’ve already done more than most rappers, or most people, in just a short time. In two years, I will retire and sit back watch my eight businesses continue to grow.” Perhaps in that time, someone just as hungry for success will be taking a page out of DJ Whoo Kid’s life story. POW!